Company history

Our History

M.J.M consult is a high-profile engineering and contracting company headquartered in Lebanon since 1992. Our experience in the construction industry throughout Europe and the Lebanese market has fostered performance-driven solutions in civil and structural engineering due to our qualified site engineers and project managers. We strive to provide the best technical services by ensuring high levels of planning and development, as well as undertaking innovative small to medium-scale projects in architecture and engineering.


M.J.M co-founder Jean Mawad obtained his Engineering diploma from ESIB.


First milestone for Jean Mawad (M.J.M Consult), Leading the construction of Chekka-Tripoli highway.

M.J.M Consult registered, and have it first PMC project


Assad Mawad (Managing Partner) obtains his Engineering diploma from Ecole National des Ponts et Chaussée.


M.J.M Consult is larger from a merger of two backgrounds, one vision.


Grade A certification for public roads and buildings from the Ministry of Public Transportation. The team grew to 50 employees.


Grade A certification for water tanks and infrastructure from the Ministry of Energy and Water.